Porsche Cayman Gen 1 Performance Exhausts 2005 to 2009

Porsche Cayman Gen 1 - Performance Exhausts - 2005 to 2009

  • Exhaust Gasket Manifold to Cats 996 / 997 Carrera & 987 Boxster & Cayman 1998-12


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    Manifold to Cat / Rear silencer Pipe. Sold Each. 2 per car
    £3.98 inc VAT £3.32 ex VAT
  • Exhaust Bolt Repair Kit All Boxster / 996 / 997 Carrera & Cayman Gen1 1997- 2009


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    When removing Exhaust Manifold Headers most cars these days end up with snapped & rusted exhaust manifold bolts. Rarely can an accurate removal of the broken bolt be performed with the engine in situe, and even after removal the task is time consuming. This Kit allows you to drill out the broken bolts accurately saving time and headaches. A CNC billet plate indexes precisely off the broken bolt holes & uses a uniquely designed thumb screw locator allowing the plate to be locked in place. Kit included pilot drills and drill guides and allows for a perfectly perpendicular and centered hole that can then be chased with the M8 tap. The kit comes in a sturdy storage case and includes the billet Indexing plate, 2x drill bits, M8 tap, M8 tap extension, drill jig guides, thumb screws, and all hardware.
    £349.99 inc VAT £291.66 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT Matched Manifolds Without Pre Cats All 987 Boxster & Cayman 2005-2009


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    High Flow Header Manifolds. Mates to Standard OEM or EuroCupGT Rear Silencers. deletes the pre cats but still allows for 02 Sensors. Ideal for Track focused cars and increases performance & sound. High grade 304 stainless steel. Price is per pair.
    £479.99 inc VAT £399.99 ex VAT
  • Bolt Catalytic Converter to Manifold ( set of 3 )


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    Set of 3 Stainless Manilfold to Cat Bolts. There are three per side and Six in total
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  • Exhaust System Manifold to Cat Nut & Bolt Kit All Models 1965-Onwards (6 sets)


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    For All system Joining Flanges. Includes 6x Flange Nuts & 6x Stainless Flange Bolts (6 sets in total ). Note. dose not include Head to manifold Flange Bolts (sold seperately)
    £14.99 inc VAT £12.49 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT Twin high flow system With 304 Stainless Cat Manifolds 2005-2009


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    Full 304 Stainless Steel System. includes Twin Rear High Flow Silencer Boxes, Matched 200 cell Cat Manifolds & Twin Round Tailpipes. Includes All Gaskets & Fittings . Extra 22hp &15 lb-ft of torque at the wheels.
    £1,449.98 inc VAT £1,208.32 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGt Stainless Manifold Head Bolts ( set of 12 )


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    These studs are shouldered & are designed to replace your existing corroded cylinder head to exhaust manifold bolts. Sold in packs of 12 ( one car set ) Fits all models 1997 to 2011
    £14.40 inc VAT £12.00 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT Manifolds & High Flow 200 Cell Cats Boxster & Cayman 2005-2009 Gen-1


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    EuroCupGT manifold and high flow cats are made from high grade 304 stainless steel with 200 cells cats. Suitable for use with all systems. Price is per pair.
    £749.99 inc VAT £624.99 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT High Flow Rear System for 987 Boxster & Cayman 2005-2012


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    From Front Cats back, includes Rear cat replacement pipes & Rear Boxes with Tailpipes. Made from high grade 304 stainless steel. Extra 22hp &15 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. These cars have 2 front Cats & 2 Rear Cats the Rear Cats are not required for Mot or Emisson regulations. Fit all Models 2005 -12
    £749.99 inc VAT £624.99 ex VAT