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Porsche Cayman Gen 1 Engine Induction 2005 to 2009

Porsche Cayman Gen 1 - Engine Induction - 2005 to 2009

  • 82mm GT3 & GT4 Throttle Body Use on x51 & EuroCupGT Power upgrades 2000-On


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    OEM Larger GT3 Throttle Body. ( Also used on Other inc Turbo & GT4 Models ). Can also be used on all engine upgrades in conjunction with the correct Plenum. Also used on all EuroCupGT 82mm Large Throttle body kits.
    $399.73 inc VAT $333.11 ex VAT
  • AGENCY POWER Throttle Body & PLENUM Cayman/S & Boxster/S 2.7L 2.9L 3.2L & 3.4L


    3-5 Days 3-5 Days
    The Agency Power Racing Plenum kit consists of entire new throttle body and plenum to boost your Porsche engine power, torque, and throttle response. The plenum uses the larger 78mm Turbo throttle body to direct more air into the normal aspirated engine. This throttle body tested to give the best responsive for the M97 engine, because the engine works off pulses, the shape of the T-Pipe was less important than the throttle body diameter and thus how much useable air flow we were able to maximise. Agency Power's Racing Plenum uses a combination of factory Porsche parts and a custom made aluminium T-Pipe to give you an OEM look. Tested on both left and right hand drive vehicles, the plenum does not impede shifter cables or other sensors functionality. The plenum is a direct plug and play unit and includes all the necessary adapters, clamps, silicone hoses. Tuning is not required, though in house tested have shown Power Gains of upto 25 wheel horsepower (approx 35bhp ) when mapped. Agency Power Racing Plenum Kit Includes - Agency Power Black Powdercoat T-Pipe Plenum, Larger Porsche OEM Turbo Throttle Body, Black Silicone Elbow Hoses, Aluminum Pipe Coupling, Porsche OEM Hose with Clamps and Reducer. All Models 2000 -2009
    $1,199.23 inc VAT $999.36 ex VAT
  • Alloy Plenum for 78mm & 82mm GT3 Throttle Body 1997-2009


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    Comes With Gasket. Ideal for Racing
    $399.73 inc VAT $333.11 ex VAT
  • BMC Filter 987 Boxster & Cayman 2005-2012


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    Washable Cotton Filter
    $93.25 inc VAT $77.71 ex VAT
  • Cleaner & Re-Oiling Kit All Filters


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    Suitable for all performance panel and cone filters included in this section.
    $26.64 inc VAT $22.20 ex VAT
  • Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit 996 997 Carrera 986 & 987 Boxster & Cayman 1997-2009


    3-5 Days 3-5 Days
    Scavenging & aeration in the oil pan are a problem in 996/997 / 986 / 987 Boxster & Cayman models .This oil pan spacer provides a simple solution. Increases sump capacity by half a quart, providing more reserve to ward off starvation. The kit clears all factory options including the rear skid plate. Added oil capacities as well as increased oil pan surface area increase oil cooling and engine performance. Note. Not Turbo or GT3 Models.
    $399.73 inc VAT $333.11 ex VAT
  • Deep Sump Pan Oil Baffle Kit 996 / 997 Carrera / Boxster & Cayman 1997-2009


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    Adds Extra capacity & Anti Surg. Ideal for All Motorsport & Fast Road Applications. Note. Not for Generation 2 Models made after 2009
    $373.08 inc VAT $310.90 ex VAT
  • EuroCupGT 78mm Throttle Body & Alloy Plenum Kit All Models 1999-2009


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    This EuroCupGT Plenum & Throttle Body kit uses the larger 78mm Turbo throttle body and plenum to boost your Porsche engine power, torque, and throttle response. The plenum is used to direct more air into the manifold. The OEM Porsche throttle body give better flexibility to the engine, because the engine works off pulses, the shape of the alloy T-Pipe produces useable air flow to maximise the use of factory Porsche parts and a custom made silicone intake pipe. Includes All Air Pipes, Hose clamps & silicone hoses & Instructions. Fits all Fly By Wire cars 1999-2009. Note. Some adaptation and moving of breather pipes will be required on some models. We recomend professional fitting. Note. No Tuning is required as the Porsche Engine Management system (ECU) will re adjust once the car is run up and left to cool for 1 hour the system should be fine. We recomend that the kit is fitted to cars with good known service history, new Spark Plugs & with cleared Management system faults.
    $932.72 inc VAT $777.27 ex VAT
  • K&N Air Filter All Boxster 987 & Cayman 987 2005-2012 3-5bhp


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    Better breathing filter gives better throttle response and 3-5 Bhp. For All Models inc Gen1 & Gen2 from 2005 onwards
    $99.92 inc VAT $83.27 ex VAT
  • M96 Heat Exchanger Adaptor plate for Remote Cooler fitting on Engine or Gearbox


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    The compact, efficient design of the M96/M97 oil-to-coolant heat exchangers has proven itself useful for other than engine cooling. By remotely mounting M96/M97 exchangers, gear box and/or steering rack temperatures can be reduced and the life of those components significantly extended. STOMSKI RACING's M96 Heat Exchanger Adapter allows for convenient remote mounting and includes your choice of -6 or -8 AN fittings. This high-quality adapter plate is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, anodized for years of service and includes seals and hardware.
    $297.41 inc VAT $247.84 ex VAT
  • OEM Porsche 78mm Large Throttle Body Cayenne & Panamera & 996 GT3 / RS


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    OEM Porsche Electronic Throttle body to replace faulty or worn unit. Standard on; Cayenne & Panamera V8 & Turbo Models models & 996 GT3 / GT3RS Models 2000-Onwards. Note Can also be used with Carrera Boxster & Cayman Induction Plenum Kits.
    $399.73 inc VAT $333.11 ex VAT
  • Porsche Center Radiator Kit for all 987 Boxster, Cayman & 997 Carrera 2005-2013


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    Retro fit kit for All 987 Boxster, Cayman & 997 Carrera 2 / 2S, 4 / 4S & GTS Gen-1 & Gen-2 Models to add a third center radiator. Ideal for cars in hot climates, fast Road or Trackday Use. Reduces water running temperature by upto 60°F and protects your engine. Kit Includes; Center Radiator, Hoses, Radiator Mounting Frame & Cross Bar plus all fitting screws. NOTE. This is a direct bolt on Radiator using Genuine Porsche Parts. You are buying a Radiator, hoses and Radiator Mounting Frame & Cross Bar. Important; It is your responsibility to ensure you have an adequate opening in your Front bumper to aid cooling.
    $239.83 inc VAT $199.86 ex VAT
  • Porsche Motorsport Oil & Air Separator All Boxster & Cayman Models 2005-2009


    3-5 Days 3-5 Days
    Large Duel Chamber System. Helps prevent IMS Issues and Keeps Intake System Clear from Contamination. Also Aids Constant Crank Case Pressure. A Must for any Track Focused or Fast Road Use. Engine Sizes; 2.7L 2.9L 3.2L & 3.4L Note. Effectiveness will be directly related to Engine Condition & Millage. No Guarantee can be Given or Implyed with Motorsport products. Note. Some adaptation may be required when fitting subject to Porsche Year & Model.
    $1,758.89 inc VAT $1,465.74 ex VAT
  • Semi Solid Engine Mountings All 964 993 996 997 Turbo GT3 Boxster & Cayman Pair


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    By using computer engineering and digital design STOMSKI RACING has developed the FIRST truly symmetrical 911 Semi-Solid Engine/Transmission Mount, thus allowing you to run stiffer mounts without sacrificing comfort or ride quality.  Our symmetrical design allows you to custom tune your ride- determining feel, function, and fun.  Because our SS mounts are SYMMETRICAL, you can now properly use them either as an engine mount OR inverted as a transmission mount on Boxster & Cayman models. Unlike other non-symmetrical SS mounts, there is no compromise when using SR135 inverted as a transmission mount because SR135 is symmetrical and thus FULLY supports and FULLY absorbs in BOTH positions/directions. Road tested and track proven, STOMSKI RACING's SR135 provides better shifting, better weight transfer, better handling, crisper throttle response, better acceleration, and of course GREAT looks, without any loss of comfort.  Mounting  comes complete with an  aluminium housing, stainless steel sleeve and disks spacers & a M12 Schnorr washer. Sold as 1 Pair (2x Mountings)
    $532.98 inc VAT $444.15 ex VAT