Porsche 993 Engine Induction 1994 to 1998

Porsche 993 - Engine Induction - 1994 to 1998

  • 911, 930, 964 & 993 Cam Carrier Oil Housing Block Off Plate 1965-1998


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    Use this plate to block off the power steering pump opening on the cam housing on 964 or 993, or for oil and injection pump openings on 930 Turbo's & earlier 911 E & S models. This plate is custom designed to allow for both standard and non-standard cams. Anodised aluminium. Sold Individually.
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  • 993 RS Performance Airbox Fits all 993 Inc Turbo 1994-98


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    Orignal Porsche 3.8 RS Performance Air Box with extra air intakes & Chrome Intake trim, Gives better throttle response plus induction sound.
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  • BMC Air Filter 3-5bhp 993 / 993 Turbo 1994-98


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    Hi flow cotton air filter, better throttle response & hp, washable, Fits All 993 Models
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  • Carrera Cup Cone Filter for 993 & 996 GT3 Cup 1994-2004


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    OEM Duel Cone. Fits All 993 and 996 GT3 / Cup cars. Can be used on all 90mm ID Intake applications.
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  • Cleaner & Re-Oiling Kit All Filters


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    Suitable for all performance panel and cone filters included in this section.
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  • EuroCupGT 993 Induction Kit 5-8bhp


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    EuroCupGT induction kit with high flow cone & fittings, significant increase in air flow & throttle response, washable.
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  • EuroCupGT Crank Case Breather ( K&N Type ) Chrome top 10-15mm inlet


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    Small Cotton Gauze Filter ideal for Crank case Breather & air intake bypass pipes. aprox 40mmx50mm with small rubber inlet 10mm -15mm pipe.
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  • K&N Air Filter 3-5bhp 993 & 993 Turbo 1994-1998


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    Well known for quaility & performance K&N offers increased Air flow &throttle response, Replaces paper filter & is washable. Fits All Porsche 993 's
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  • Oil Pressure Warning Light / Clock replacement Red & Billet Alloy Race & Rally


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    Low Oil Pressure Indicator Light All PORSCHE 911 / 964 / 993 & Turbo Models. Specially designed to replace and fit in place of the dash mounted clock - 80mm Dia. Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Bezel and bright warning light. Includes wiring to redirect from original oil pressure indicator gauge. Specially designed to get your attention when driving to avoid engine damage on low engine oil pressure.
    £149.99 inc VAT £124.99 ex VAT
  • Spark Plug Super4 964 993 996 & 997 Carrera 2/4 1989-2009 (Each)


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    Bosch Multi electrode plugs for a better spark & longer life
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