Graham's Porsche 911 - 997 Carrera 2S Cabriolet


Graham has had his 2005 Carrera 2S Cabriolet from new and we have maintained this car throughout the past 5 years. He felt his car was beginning to look a bit "dated" so he discussed his options with Adam.

Graham had always liked the Turbo look and thought some carbon exterior detailing would complement the "de-chromed" look he was after.

It was decided that we would update the car to a 997 Turbo look using factory bumpers, a EuroCup GT spoiler and some carbon detailing.

Once the car was finished both Adam and Graham agreed the car was sitting a little too high so a set of lowering springs, wheel spacer shims and a 4 wheel laser geometry were undertaken to complete the look.

Build-up gallery

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The finished car gallery

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Upgrades & Modifications

We have detailed below the upgrades and modifications we have made to the car.

Front Body Parts & Modifications

Rear Body Parts & Modifications

Carbon Fibre Parts & Modifications

Suspension & Wheel Modifications